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I'll be graduating high school as part of the class of 2015 so right now i'm a junior! I'll be using this blog to make review posts and stuff because I'm really trying to be more organized this year.
Hopefully this blog is helpful for anyone who is interested in following it, especially if you're also in high school(:


University of Chicago

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Anonymous asked:
Hey, so you're clearly good at life: do you have any tips on how to study? How did you get As and A*s?


Hey! Well thanks, although I wouldn’t go that far because I can literally procrastinate for weeks at a time, but I’ll try my best to help you out!

I answered a question about studying for exams here, so I hope that might help a little bit too.

Basically in order to concentrate I need:

a) to know exactly what I’m doing/how I’m going to set about achieving it

b) to work out a time plan so I can go flat out and know exactly when I can stop and have a break, and

c) food/music to serve as both fuel and semi-distraction so I feel as though I’m having fun(??) while I’m actually being productive lol. I like film soundtrack music, cos the lack of music and general familiarity of it mean that it can just fade into the background while I enjoy it and concentrate. (I recommend the Amélie soundtrack, if you know/like that film!)

So basically, make to-do lists and timetables to get yourself organised, and sit somewhere comfortable with all the provisions you need, and just force yourself to follow what you know you gotta do.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got, like I said I’m hardly the best example but I hope maybe you can adapt my methods to suit your own preferences!

Make it happen. Shock everyone.
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Some Studying Tips


Study tip:

When you get your syllabi, go through all your texts and mark your readings with post-its sticking up from the top. Not only can you see exactly what you’re supposed to be reading at any time, your markers won’t get wrecked if you put your books into your backpack vertically, and you’ve got the entire side to stick notes while you do your reading! If you stick a sticky-note at the end of the assigned chapter, you always know how much more you have to read and hopefully don’t feel like you’ll be reading forever.

Also, tea and fries make excellent study foods.

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Some helpful study/revision tips x

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guys i eat lunch here
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So I got bored and this was the result. Enjoy!

M O V I E S / S H O W S

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Study Playlist (hover) (01) (02) (03) (04) (05)
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F O O D 

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hi dudes, basically im bored and i have a bunch of useless/useful websites that i want to share with everyone!!! so i spent a few hours making this list of all my fave helpful websites. yeya i hope you guys find these helpful! reblog and add this post to your ref or whatever
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Here’s a handy weekly study schedule template. It includes Plans for the Day, Study Periods and Breaks. Helpful when you have finals or just a really busy week! 
All you need to do is fill in what you need to do and what time you will study and take breaks. This table is based on the Pomodoro Technique, aka the 45-15 rule.
day: Monday; Plans for the day: study, then party; Study period 1: Psychology 10:45-11:30; Break 1: 11:30-11:45.
Happy Studying! 

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Duke University! Arguably the most gorgeous campus I have ever seen. <3

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